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So, how does TINA make tampons easier?

Great question, here’s how she works!

Engineered for everybody.
And every body.

We’ve interviewed hundreds of women about their experiences with tampons, and here’s what we’ve heard most often about why inserting tampons can be a pain, and how TINA has been engineered to help:

How to Use TINA

1. Loading a tampon into TINA

  • TINA works best with compact tampons that look as pictured. (See our FAQ for compatible brands.) 
  • The tampon must be fully extended before use. The lip on the larger piece of the tampon applicator will fit into the notch near the front of TINA. 
  • You can snap a tampon in place with your hands or if you find that difficult you can place the tampon on a flat surface, line up TINA, and press down until the tampon snaps into place. 
  • Note: If you are using a slimmer tampon or just want added security when inserting a tampon, TINA comes with two TPE holder bands. You can slide a band over the front of TINA and secure it over a tampon (just behind the petals) to help hold the tampon in place.

2. Positioning TINA to insert a tampon

  • The correct position to insert a tampon is with TINAs handle facing up. The handle is angled so that the tampon should be pointing slightly upward (toward your lower back) when held below waist-level. 
  • There should be 2” of tampon (in the applicator) extending out from TINAs petals.  
  • With the handle facing upward, position TINA so the tampon is inside your vaginal canal, and TINAs petals are pressed up against your body. 
  • It can take a few tries to learn how to use TINA with your body! 
  • Note: TINA comes with an optional hand strap that can be attached over the handle to provide additional grip support, to help position TINA correctly.

3. Inserting a tampon

  • When TINA is positioned with the tampon applicator inside your vaginal canal, with TINA’s petals up against the outside over your body, pull TINAs handle forward, toward your body (this uses arm muscles, not finger muscles!) 
  • Pull the handle all the way forward to make sure tampon fully deploys. 
  • Tampons will be inserted to the correct depth and angle, every time! 
  • Note: If your tampon is inserted at the correct depth, you shouldn’t “feel” it (or be worried about it falling out.)

4. Removing the used applicator

  • To remove the used applicator from TINA, you can use the tampon wrapper or toilet paper to snap the applicator out of TINA and dispose.  
  • You can also use the side of a waste bin to unsnap the applicator from TINA (directly into the bin.) 
  • TINA stays pretty clean throughout this process, but you can also use alcohol wipes or soap and water on the petals to clean them.

5. Removing the tampon

  • TINA is designed to help with tampon insertion, but can also help remove a tampon.
  • Some people find it helpful to use the petals to help “find” the string (which can then be removed by hand.)
  • If you use a tampon with a knotted string you can use the V-shaped notch in the petals to “grab” the string and help remove your tampon.

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