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You are not “too fat” for tampons.

You are not “too fat” for tampons.

There is no tampon for plus-size bodies – but we’ve made it easier for every body to use tampons.

Using tampons should just be easier.

Even if you have trouble reaching over your belly to insert a tampon, the difficulty with tampon insertion is not really about your body size or shape. From our perspective, it can be tough to insert tampons, regardless of your weight!

The angle of the tampon has to be "just right." Your vaginal muscles need to be relaxed.

However, that's just not always possible. 

A period product for every body 

At TINA, we want to help you go beyond a physical difference or limitation so you can just... live.

We don't want people who live in larger bodies to worry about which tampons are "best" for themselves. Also, you shouldn't worry about how you'll manage your period when you get it, or which products you'll be able to use.

You should be able to use the products that are the most comfortable for you. You should have options.

So our engineers and designers ask, "How can we make it easier for more people to use tampons?" 

The tampon insertion device they've created allows you to insert tampons comfortably and consistently, so you don't have to stress about your period, whether you're plus size or not.

Body inclusivity - our honest look at how people of different sizes, shapes and abilities use everyday items, like tampons - is not part of our work. It is our work. 

Improving tampon insertion

With or without an applicator, the design of traditional tampons requires you to bend, reach and extend to insert them. Unfortunately, not every body can do that.

One of our community members tells us:

“I am a plus-size woman who cannot reach well over her tummy anymore. I haven't been able to use tampons for several years."

Even if body size is a factor, you don't have to skip using tampons or struggle to insert them. TINA gives you four additional inches of reach to easily put in tampons.

It also ensures that you can comfortably put in a tampon at the correct angle (45 degrees, the same angle as the vaginal canal) and depth every time.

Learn how TINA works here.

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