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Swimming with Tampons

Swimming with Tampons

Can You Swim With Tampons?

Summer is almost here, and ya know what that means? SWIM DAYS.

But hold your applause, because with swim days comes the prospect of, you guessed it, period leaks in water. A hush falls.

If you’re on your period, you might wonder, “Can you swim while wearing a tampon?” The good news is, yeah! You can swim while wearing a tampon. And in fact, tampons are one of the best menstrual products for swimming because they’re discreet and effective. But with a few tips (and possibly a TINA) at your side, you can avoid mid-backstroke-leaks for good.

Why Tampons Are Ideal for Swimming

Tampons are designed to absorb menstrual flow internally, which makes them an ideal choice for swimming. Unlike pads, which can become saturated and bulky in the water, tampons stay in place and remain effective. Here are a few reasons why tampons are great for swimming:

    Discreet Protection: Tampons are worn internally, so you don’t have to worry about visible lines or bulkiness under your swimsuit.

    Leak Prevention: When inserted correctly, tampons provide reliable protection against leaks, even during vigorous activities like swimming.

    Comfort: Tampons allow for freedom of movement without the discomfort that can come with pads or other menstrual products.

How to Use a Tampon for Swimming

To ensure a comfortable and most importantly, leak-free, swimming experience, follow these steps!

Choose the RIGHT Tampon

Select a tampon with the appropriate absorbency for your flow. For swimming, it’s often best to choose a tampon that offers a balance between absorbency and comfort.

Insert the Tampon Correctly

Proper insertion is absolute KEY to preventing leaks and ensuring comfort, and we’re kind of the experts in this department. Make sure the tampon is inserted at the correct angle and depth. If you have difficulty with insertion, try a TINA, which we custom-designed in house to help you insert tampons correctly and comfortably, at the correct depth and angle every time.

Change Your Tampon Regularly

Change your tampon before and after swimming to further prevent leaks. Tampons should be changed every 4-8 hours, depending on your flow.

Tips for Swimming with a Tampon

Here are some additional tips to help you swim confidently while wearing a tampon:

Test Before You Swim

If you’re new to using tampons, it’s a good idea to practice inserting and wearing a tampon before you go swimming. This can help you become more comfortable and ensure proper placement!

Check for Leaks

Before entering the water, check to make sure your tampon is securely in place and there are no signs of leakage. A properly inserted tampon should NOT cause discomfort or leak.

Use a Backup

If you’re concerned about leaks, you can wear a panty liner or period-proof swimwear for extra protection.

Stay Comfortable

If you feel any discomfort or notice any leaks while swimming, take a break and check your tampon. It might need a lil adjustment.

Let’s Sum Up and Get Splashin’

So, can you swim while wearing a tampon? Absolutely! Tampons provide discreet, effective protection that allows you to enjoy swimming without worrying about leaks. By choosing the right tampon, and ensuring proper insertion with a device like the TINA insertion aid, and following a few simple tips, you can swim comfortably and confidently during your period, no prob bob.

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