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How to Deal with Leaky Tampons

How to Deal with Leaky Tampons

Helping with Annoying Leaky Tampons

Let us take you back to a moment you were standing somewhere, probably sort of important or with your friends, and you suddenly realized—omg my tampon is leaking and it’s about to break through the pant barrier.

Dealing with leaky tampons is le worst. It can be frustrating and embarrassing. If you’ve ever wondered “why do my tampons leak!?” we truly sympathize, because we wonder this all the time. But understanding some basic causes (and solutions!) for leaky tampons can help you manage your period more effectively and avoid the dreaded random run to Old Navy to buy a new pair of pants.

1. Choose the Right Absorbency Tampon

One of the main reasons for tampon leakage is using the wrong absorbency level. If your tampon is too light for your flow, it can become saturated quickly and start to leak. Conversely, using a tampon that is TOO absorbent can cause dryness and discomfort. Make sure to select a tampon with the appropriate absorbency for your flow:

  • Lighter flow: Use light or regular absorbency tampons
  • Medium flow: Regular or super absorbency tampons
  • Heavy flow: Super or super plus absorbency tampons

Remember to adjust the absorbency level based on the changes in your flow throughout your period!

2. Change Your Tampon Regularly

The key here: Change it up. Changing your tampon every 4-8 hours can help prevent leakage! Leaving a tampon in for too long can cause it to become saturated and start to leak. Setting a reminder on your phone can also help you remember to change your tampon regularly.

If you have difficulty inserting or removing tampons due to conditions like arthritis, TINA, the world’s first tampon insertion aid, can make tampon use easier and more comfortable, ensuring proper placement and reducing the risk of leakage.

3. Ensure Proper Insertion

You guessed it: Incorrect tampon insertion can lead to leakage. Womp womp. Make sure your tampon is inserted at the correct angle and depth **may we suggest a TINA?** If your tampon isn’t placed properly, it might not absorb your flow effectively, leading to leaks.

Here’s how to ensure proper insertion:

    Relax: Tension can make tampon insertion difficult! Take deep breaths and try to relax your muscles.

    Angle: Insert the tampon at a slight angle towards your lower back.

    Depth: The tampon should be inserted deep enough so you can’t feel it. If it’s uncomfortable, it might not be in the right position.

4. Bring The Backup Protection

If you’re generally prone to leaks (raises hand), consider using backup protection methods like panty liners or menstrual pads. Wearing a liner with your tampon can provide extra security and peace of mind, especially on heavy flow days or during physical activities.

5. Monitor Your Flow

Keeping track of your menstrual flow can help you anticipate when you might need a higher absorbency tampon or more frequent changes. Using a period tracker app can be useful for monitoring your cycle and flow patterns, and help you stay prepared and prevent leaks.

6. Consider Alternative Products

If tampons continue to leak despite your best efforts, it might be worth trying alternative menstrual products such as menstrual cups or period underwear. These options can provide reliable protection and might be more suitable for your needs!

Quick Recap: So WHY do tampons leak?

Incorrect absorbency: Using a tampon with the wrong absorbency level for your flow.

Improper insertion: Not inserting the tampon at the correct angle or depth.

Heavy flow: Having a flow that exceeds the absorbency of your tampon.

Physical activity: Movement and exercise can sometimes cause tampons to shift, leading to leaks.

By identifying the cause of YOUR tampon leakage, you can take steps to prevent it and manage your period with confidence!

How TINA Can Help

Here’s how TINA can help you deal with leaky tampons:

    Ergonomic Design: TINA’s ergonomic handle ensures that tampons are inserted at the correct angle and depth, reducing the risk of leaks.

    Extra Reach: The long handle attachment provides additional reach, making it easier to insert tampons correctly without bending your wrist or fingers.

    Comfortable Insertion: TINA’s design helps reduce discomfort during insertion, ensuring that tampons are placed properly and stay in place.

By using TINA, you can manage your period with confidence AND reduce the likelihood of tampon leakage. Gorgeous!

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