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How do I insert a tampon?

If you’ve ever felt intimidated or confused about tampons, that’s perfectly normal! We’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about how to insert a tampon.

Prepare to insert your tampon

Tip 1: Choose the right tampon for you.

First, select a tampon best suited to your personal needs and preferences. Be sure to choose an option that is most appropriate for your type of flow, whether it’s light, regular, or heavy. If your flow fluctuates during your period, stock up on a variety.

Tip 2: Get a tampon insertion aid.

Traditional tampon applicators aren’t accessible to everyone. If you have limited reach or mobility due to your body type, injuries, physical disabilities, or chronic pain, you could benefit from a tampon insertion aid, such as TINA.

Tip 3: Get in a comfortable position.

Some prefer sitting on the toilet with their knees shoulder width apart. Others prefer to stand and some like to prop up one leg on a higher surface. There’s not necessarily a correct position, it just depends on what makes tampon insertion easiest for your body.

All done with prep and ready to go? Great! Let’s get started.

Insert a tampon with a traditional applicator

Step 1: Unwrap your tampon of choice.

Remove your tampon applicator from its wrapper. The cotton tampon should be housed inside a plastic or cardboard applicator. Do not separate these pieces.

Step 2: Fully extend the applicator.

Your applicator should have a wider tube and a thinner tube with a string hanging out the bottom. Pull the two tubes away from each other, without pulling them completely apart, to fully extend the applicator.

Step 3: Hold the grip with two fingers.

The grip is the section between the two pieces of your applicator. Pinch the grip with two fingers, typically your thumb and middle finger. If this motion is painful, consider using a tampon insertion aid like TINA (see instructions below).

Step 4: Insert the tip of the applicator into your vaginal opening.

Position the wider end of your tampon applicator at your vaginal opening. Insert the applicator until your gripping fingers touch your body. If you have trouble reaching your vaginal opening, TINA can give you 4 extra inches (instructions below).

Step 5: Release the tampon.

Push the thinner end of the applicator up until you meet your other fingers at the grip. This will push the tampon into place. Remove the applicator from your body and dispose properly. You’re all done!

If any of these steps were challenging, uncomfortable, or painful, TINA might help. TINA’s accessible design makes tampon insertion simple and easy for everyone. Here’s how:

Insert a tampon with TINA

Step 1: Prep your tampon.

TINA works with all applicators. This way, you can maintain your preferred tampons. Unwrap and extend the tampon applicator.

Step 2: Snap the applicator into TINA.

Align your tampon applicator with TINA and easily snap them together. The string should hang closest to TINA’s handle while the tampon side hangs out the other end of the barrel.

Step 3: Get TINA into position.

Hold TINA’s ergonomic handle so the tampon side faces your body.

Step 4: Insert the applicator.

Insert the tip of your tampon applicator into your vaginal opening. Slide it in until the TINA device touches your body.

Step 5: Insert your tampon.

Continue the same sliding motion, bringing TINA’s handle closer to your pelvis. This will insert your tampon at the perfect angle and depth. Separate the tampon applicator and dispose properly. Clean and reuse TINA for your next tampon.

That’s all there is to it! Once your tampon is comfortably inserted, you can wash your hands and conquer your day. If tampon insertion was ever challenging for you before, worry no more. With TINA, inserting your tampon is as simple as snap and slide!

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