We are looking for product beta-testers! You will receive the entire package for FREE. All we ask is that you complete the "Post-Tina Survey" that will be sent to you a month after package receipt and get on the phone with us for a quick feedback interview (~10 minutes each!)


Beta Testing Kit Includes

  • TINA Device 
  • Instructions for use
  • (5) CORA Organic, regular absorbency tampons
  • Alcohol Swabs


TINA, The Tampon Insertion Aid, is a reusable device that clips onto off-the-shelf tampons and makes them easier to insert and remove.

  • The easy-grip handle eliminates the need for dexterity.
  • Holding the handle makes tampon insertion slip and mess-free.
  • Tampons are inserted at the correct and comfortable depth, every time. 
  • Compatible with a variety of brands of regular-sized, plastic applicator tampons. Details here.


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