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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

In 1929 - over 90 years ago - Dr. Earle Haas invented and patented the modern-day applicator tampon. It has not been updated since.

Here's a list of other items that haven't changed in 90 years: We'll wait.

The iPhone was updated last week, to introduce the new Dark Mode. By the time you read this post, multiple new updates will be in the pipeline.

There are roughly the same amount of iPhone users in the US as there are menstruating womxn. Why is the cadence of innovation so drastically disproportionate?

Not only are applicator tampons antiquated, but they also exclude millions of menstruators, particularly those with limited dexterity and limited reach. This only amplifies the necessity of tampon innovation - so, why are we not talking about it?

We are innovating for inclusivity. Your stories are important.

We don't discuss the intersection of disability and menstruation. We have sh!t to talk about.

*your name and information will be confidential unless you specifically indicate otherwise

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