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Did you know?

Since the tampon’s invention in 1931, its design hasn’t changed to meet everyone’s needs. Out of85 million menstruating people in the U.S.,55 million want to use tampons but struggle to do so. This is because traditional tampon applicators don’t accommodate all body types and don’t consider disabilities, injuries, or other factors that make insertion difficult, or even impossible.

Our Mission

At Tina Healthcare, we believe people of all ages, body types, and lifestyles deserve options for handling their menstrual cycle. Our mission is to create products that prioritize accessibility, inclusivity, and comfort. We created TINA, the tampon insertion aid, for the millions of people who find tampons to be tricky, daunting, and inconsistent. Our goal is to empower you with the solutions you need to manage your period with confidence.

Our Community

TINA was designed in collaboration with a diverse community of people we are proud to serve. Hear real stories from real customers:

Arthritis has made it extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to insert tampons. I was all set to write a letter to tampon manufacturers but found your product instead. Looking forward to trying this product!

I am a plus-size woman who cannot reach well over her tummy anymore. I haven't been able to use tampons for several years now. This device looks PERFECT for me!

I’m the mom of a teen daughter who is struggling to use tampons. We’d love to try this!

I have osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. I often have trouble bending down enough to get a tampon in and, sometimes, out. Other times my hands are not capable of fine motor movements so I can't grip the tampon well enough for insertion. I have looked for years for an assist device for this issue. So happy someone finally created one!

My 18 year old sister has Down syndrome. She has limited fine motor skills which makes holding a tampon and pushing the plunger at the same time difficult. I think that this would help her be more independent when it comes to period care![Addie]

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