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Meet TINA, the Tampon Insertion Aid.

TINA was designed with your needs in mind, because you deserve options for managing your period.


Learn more about TINA and mobility through our customer stories and medical research.

How do I insert a tampon if my injury makes it painful?

Injuries from Merya’s car accident left her unable to use traditional tampon applicators. With TINA’s help, Merya is back to using her preferred period product.

How can I use a tampon if I can’t reach over my belly?

Alexandra is a plus-size woman who wants to use tampons, but finds insertion difficult with her reach. Learn how TINA solves problems like Alexandra’s.

How do I use a tampon if I have pain from rheumatoid arthritis?

Megan’s arthritis causes pain and swelling in her wrist, making tampon insertion impossible – until TINA.

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