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Frequently Asked Questions


Anyone who has a period and wants to use tampons can use TINA! TINA was engineered to provide more reach for those who need it, reduce how much hand/wrist dexterity is needed, and help everyone insert tampons at the correct angle and depth, every time!

Of course! One of our core principles at TINA is to create simple solutions to real problems. We’re not trying to sell you on a problem that you might not experience, but TINA does help everybody (in every body) insert tampons at the correct angle and depth for a more comfortable experience.

No, TINA was carefully designed to create a comfortable and stress-free experience. Our soft-flex petals at the end of the device conform to your body without pinching, and are engineered so that your tampon will be inserted to the correct depth, for an overall comfortable experience!

Shop through our website! We are a US based, women run, small business. At this time, our patented design cannot be purchased through any other retailers.

Yes, TINA can fit in most purses and does come with a carrying bag. It measures 4.75 x 4.5 x 2 inches.

TINA can be easily cleaned with warm water and a gentle soap. If you are on the go, alcohol wipes work great and can easily be stored in the TINA carrying bag.

TINA is made primarily from polypropylene overmolded with food-grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer - soft and flexible!). The internal spring is formed out of stainless steel. All pieces are easily cleaned and safe for skin contact!

We'd love to help you! Visit our contact page to send us a note, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We'd love to help you! Visit our contact page to send us a note, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Tampon Questions

Some tampons work better with TINA than others, and we've created a Tampon Guide to help you choose the right tampon for you.

Most Regular and Super absorbency compatible tampons will work with TINA. We also provide holder bands that can be used to secure smaller, Light absorbency tampons. Please see our How To Use page for more information on how to use holder bands.

Currently, Tampax brand tampons like Tampax Pearl or Tampax Radiant do not work well with TINA, but we're working on an adapter to make them compatible. If you want to be kept in the loop on when the Pearl Adapter is available, sign up for our mailing list at the footer of the page.

Yes! Just make sure to extend the applicator to its full length before loading it into TINA.

Currently, TINA cannot be used with cardboard applicator tampons or tampons that do not come with an applicator.

If you prefer to use applicator-free tampons (sometimes also called digital tampons), they won't work well with TINA. TINA is designed to clip on to the existing tampon applicator to assist with tampon insertion. Take a look at the TINA friendly brands in our Tampon Guide to help find an option that works for you!

We’ve engineered TINA to be easy to use! Please visit our How To Use page for more detailed instructions on how to use TINA.

You should not be able to feel a correctly inserted tampon. If the applicator is clipped in according to the instructions, the applicator will fully deploy, and the tampon will insert at the correct depth.


TINA allows you to insert tampons with one hand and no independent finger strength, which is great for women with limited dexterity. Instead of your fingers, TINA uses your larger, upper arm muscles to push the tampon in. Easy and smooth, the tampon goes into the correct and comfortable spot every time. TINA also prevents you from getting blood on your hands.

TINA is designed to help with tampon insertion, but can also help remove a tampon. Some people find it helpful to use the petals to help “find” the string (which can then be removed by hand), or, if you use a tampon with a knotted string you can use the V-shaped notch in the petals to “grab” the string and help remove your tampon.

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