Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


Who uses TINA?

Anyone can use TINA! TINA was originally designed to help people with limited dexterity and reach. TINA puts tampons in correctly, while keeping your hands clean, so anyone can benefit from the comfort TINA provides.

TINA is also a great teaching tool for first-time tampon users and provides a stress-free way to insert tampons.

I don’t have any mobility issues, and I’ve never had a hard time with tampons. Is TINA for me?

Of course! TINA can help experienced users insert tampons with less mess and less hassle.

Is TINA painful?

No, TINA was carefully designed to create a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Where can I buy one?

Shop here.

Will TINA fit in my purse?

Yes! Our current model is a little wider than a folded pair of sunglasses. We’re currently designing custom carrying cases for your TINA. And yes, they’re gonna be shiny.

I’m an educator. Where can I get more information about TINA for my health and wellness classes?

We'd love to help you! Visit our Contact page to send us a note, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’m an occupational therapist or disability advocate. Where can I get more information on institutional partnerships?

We'd love to help you! Visit our Contact page to send us a note, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Tampon Questions

Which tampons do TINA work with?

Right now, TINA is compatible with any regular absorbency, plastic applicator tampons that have this shape (no grip):

See below for links to buy compatible tampons:

Does TINA work with compact applicator tampons?

Yes! Just make sure to extend the applicator to its full length before loading it into TINA.

Does TINA work with cardboard applicator tampons?

No, not yet, but we’re working on it!

Does TINA work with different sizes of tampons (Light, Regular, Super)?

Right now, TINA only works with Regular absorbency tampons. We are working on a TINA that is compatible with all tampon sizes. If you’re interested in a TINA that exclusively loads Light or Super tampons, contact us, and we’ll custom order it for you!

How do I load a tampon into TINA?

How do I know if TINA inserted the tampon correctly?

You should not be able to a feel a correctly inserted tampon. If you clipped the applicator in according to the instructions, the applicator should fully deploy, and the tampon should insert at the correct depth.


How does TINA make inserting tampons easier?

TINA allows you to insert tampons with one hand and no independent finger strength, which is great for women with limited dexterity. Instead of your fingers, TINA uses your larger, upper arm muscles to push the tampon in. Easy and smooth, the tampon goes into the correct and comfortable spot every time. TINA also prevents you from getting blood on your hands.

How does TINA help me take a tampon out?

There’s a narrow slit on the back of TINA that’s designed to catch the knot at the end of the tampon string. Guide the string into the top of the slit and pull down until the knot catches. With the extra leverage, it’s easier to pull the tampon out.