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Can I use tampons if I have acrylic nails?

Yes–but you also may want to try a tampon insertion aid.

It’s possible to use tampons even if you have acrylic nails. Placing your fingers carefully so you don’t use your nails to insert the tampon is one way–but a tampon insertion aid is foolproof.

Start with clean fingers and hands

It’s important to make sure your hands and fingernails are clean before you insert tampons, especially if your tampons don’t have applicators. That will keep you from getting unwanted bacteria into your vagina.

A manicure kit can help you eliminate snags, sharp edges or hangnails and you can use the nail brush before and after you insert tampons. Some people wear gloves (vinyl or latex) when they insert tampons.

    Use your fingertip to insert tampons

    When you’re ready to insert the tampon, try positioning it on top of your fingertip to lean against your fingernail. That helps you avoid using your nail as you insert the tampon, particularly if your tampon doesn’t have an applicator.

    An insertion aid offers comfort, consistency

    When you use the TINA tampon insertion aid, acrylic nails are not a problem. TINA–a reusable device that is comfortable, easy and mess-free–helps you insert tampons at the correct angle, depth and position every time. The type of fingernails you have don’t matter because TINA touches your body and inserts the tampon for you.

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