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How to use a tampon with TINA

It’s time for a different way

Traditional tampon applicators aren’t accessible for everyone. If you have limited reach or mobility due to your body type, injuries, physical disabilities, or chronic pain, you may benefit from a tampon insertion aid, such as TINA.

With TINA, you can skip the “pinch grip” and have four more inches of reach. It has a comfortable, accessible design that makes it easy to use tampons.

Our tampon insertion aid lets you maintain your preferred tampons. It works with the following tampon brands and sizes:

  • CORA, super
  • LOLA, regular
  • L., regular
  • Organyc, regular
  • Rael, super
  • U by Kotex Security Tampons, regular

We’ve made tampons easier – here’s how

Unwrap and extend the tampon applicator.

  • Unwrap the tampon from the wrapper and slowly pull the two tubes away from each other. Pull the two tubes carefully so they don’t separate from each other.

    Snap the applicator into TINA.

    • Align your tampon applicator with TINA to snap them together (it’s easy). The tampon string should hang closest to TINA’s handle, while the tampon side hangs out the other end of the barrel

      Get TINA into position.

      • Hold TINA’s ergonomic handle so the tampon side faces your body.

        Insert the applicator.

        • Insert the tip of your tampon applicator into your vaginal opening. Slide it in until the TINA device touches your body.

          Insert your tampon.

          • Continue the same sliding motion, bringing TINA’s handle closer to your pelvis. This will insert your tampon at the perfect angle and depth.

            Separate the tampon applicator and dispose of it properly.

            • Clean and reuse TINA for your next tampon. That’s all there is!

              Once your tampon is comfortably inserted, you can wash your hands and conquer your day. No more tampon challenges. No stress.

              ​​What questions and concerns do you have about tampon insertion aids?
              Feel free to contact us or share your experiences with the TINA community.


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