About TINA

Accessible, Inclusive, Comfortable

TINA's Why

At Tina Healthcare, we think women of all ages, abilities, and body types deserve options for handling their menstrual cycle. Millions of women find tampons to be tricky, daunting, and inconsistent. TINA offers an assistive solution.


We’re women, we’re innovators, and we’re taking control of the conversation about our health.

What TINA’s great at...


Instead of using your fingers, just put your hand through the handle and slide along the track with your arm muscles. Easy and smooth, the tampon goes in correctly and comfortably every time.


Extra reach

Perfect for women with limited mobility, TINA gives about 4 extra inches of reach.


Perfect angle

TINA is designed to help you insert tampons at the right angle, every time. The patented “contact petals" are designed to help you feel when you have the correct alignment.


Over before you know it

TINA has helped many women insert tampons for the first time. Just slide the handle along the track to insert tampons consistently and correctly!


Clean Hands

You should never be ashamed of your body’s natural processes, but on some crampy days, we’d rather not deal with the mess.

The TINA Team

Preston Kight

Preston is an entrepreneur from Georgia. Preston graduated from the Hammock School of Business in Atlanta. He is the director and board chairman of the Thunder Bay Foundation. He has worked with multiple startups and taken part in multiple acquisitions. His passion lies in helping others and new technology. 

Ali Kight

Ali is a Biomedical Engineer from Georgia Tech. Ali is a PhD candidate at Stanford in Bioengineering. She aims to developing scientific knowledge to enable vulnerable populations. She is also a mother to an adorable mini Australian shepherd named Penley.

Ileana Pirozzi

Ileana is pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering at Stanford School of Engineering as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar. At Brown University, she earned a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering and biomedical engineering. While her focus is in intracardiac medical devices, she has seen the need for products like TINA.